Interior of a crowded bar moments before midnight, June 30, 1919, when wartime prohibition went into effect New York City (Source: Library of Congress)

Hello! Welcome to my new author page. On August 5, 2019 my first (hopefully of many) book, Intemperate Spirits: Economic Adaptation During Prohibition, was released as an ebook. The hardback version is due out in a few weeks. I will use this webpage to promote the book and its blog to share updates, stories related to book content, and ideas for my next book.

Largely completed over a one-semester sabbatical (spring 2019) provided by Roanoke College, Intemperate Spirits is a story of the prohibition era in the United States. Specifically, I use stories and a colorful cast of characters to detail the entrepreneurship, graft, and corruption incentivized by the 18th Amendment and Volstead Act. I do so through an economic lens, separating this book from others regarding the period.

Palgrave, a Springer Nature company, published Intemperate Spirits. I cannot sing their praises enough. Editors Elizabeth and Sophia were encouraging, honest, and kept me on schedule. The production process was fast and communication with the production crew was efficient and easy. I highly suggest considering Palgrave for your next book idea.

To read more details about Intemperate Spirits, go to the “Books” page. Yes, it is a plural title when I only have one book, but I am an optimistic kinda gal.

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